Yasaka Allround Step 3 Rack Set WEBPRICE!

Yasaka Allround Step 3 Rack Set WEBPRICE!

This is Yasaka's step 2/3 racket (step 2 for 1.6 mm sponge rubbers, and step 3 for 2.1 mm sponge rubbers as this thickness will give you more speed). This racket is a good choice for players as a next step after using a simple pre-glued hobby bat.

Good allround rubber for table tennis players that are progressing. Much controll and a nice spin. Sponge thickness 1.6 mm and 2.1 mm available.

Yasaka 2040 blade.
A quality blade, produced in Sweden, with typical allround playing characteristics. Especially suitable for younger players because of the the thinner handle and a good price.

SEK:1077:- SEK:669:-

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