Tulpe Kokutaku 110 Short Pimples

Tulpe Kokutaku 110 Short Pimples

Kokutaku 110 with Chinese Sponge has a strange random effect on incoming spin. 110 has an odd off-speed hitting quality and has the ability to deliver some topspin. Balls that are stroked will have the players intended spin, balls that are hit flat will sink with lazy or no spin, balls that are blocked will randomize spin to some degree for a moderate level of deception. If you are currently using short pimple to cover a weak backhand or want to throw some deception without committing to a long pimple.

SPEED: 13/ SPIN: 12/ 12

Characteristics: Allround

Rubber-Type: Short Pimple

Rubber-Hardness: Soft

SEK:220:- SEK:100:-


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